• Dentistry for every member of the family
  • Let your retirement years make you smile..beautifully!
  • Early intervention can prevent expensive treatments


We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the Alon Dental Care Family. Choosing a dentist is a major decision and sometimes a hard one. At Alon Dental Care we understand that. We also know that while there are many ways to obtain a beautiful healthy smile, most can be done inexpensively and with minimal discomfort. At Alon Dental, our goal is to provide minimally invasive dentistry that is cosmetically beautiful and easy on the wallet. With more than 30 years of experience
Dr. Brian Shaffer, a San Antonio dentist, has the knowledge and the skill he needs to achieve that goal for you.
At Alon Dental Care, we count it a great privilege to serve so many of our friends and neighbors here in the San Antonio area and consider your comfort our highest priority as we work to make you smile!

How can we make you smile today?

Dental Patient Testimonials

"Excellent dentist. Will only treat you for what you need. In network dentist, that was very important. Extremely friendly staff (including the dentist)"

"Excellent Care by new Dentist Dr Shaffer and the same excellent care by Judy, Robin and Lyndel. Dr Shaffer is extremely competent, patient and very nice. I get anxiety with any dental procedure but I was able to handle my procedure very well because of how understanding, kind and efficient Dr Shaffer was to me and in handling my dental issue."

"Amazing staff! So friendly and helpful! Everyone was so nice and made sure I️ was comfortable and most importantly not in pain. I️’ll definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything!"