Dentures San Antonio

Dentures San AntonioThe philosophy at our dental office is to help patients keep as many teeth as can be saved, as should be the case at every dental office. Natural teeth are always better for the patient than replacement or “false teeth,” more properly known as dentures. At his San Antonio practice Dr. Stanley Wendt, Jr. teaches patients that with proper oral hygiene and regular visits, they can keep their own teeth for a lifetime. In the event that patients do experience tooth loss, however, Dr. Wendt can fit them with durable, natural-looking dentures. If you have experienced tooth loss, contact Restorative Dentistry Associates today.

Deciding on Dentures

Depending on how many teeth are missing and on your economic situation, there are many options for replacing teeth. Implants would be the first choice to replace one or more teeth, but the cost may not let patients choose implants. Other options include fixed bridges and removable bridges, also called partial dentures. Partial dentures can easily replace several missing teeth in the same arch in a very economical way. Regardless of which method you choose, it is imperative to replace missing teeth. Leaving spaces can cause adjacent and opposing teeth to move, and cause interferences in the way we bite.


Partial Dentures

There are many varieties of partial dentures to choose from, including traditional metal frameworks with clasps, metal frameworks without clasps and flexible frameworks called Valplast. To decide which one will be most beneficial to you, we must work to diagnose your specific situation. Dr. Wendt is glad to make any type of denture, depending on your needs and wants. After all, it is your smile that he is working to make better. For example, some patients are self-conscious about showing the metal clasps of a denture, so Dr. Wendt can create well-fitting dentures without clasps. While more specialized and more costly, these are partial dentures with special attachments that provide optimal esthetics.


Full Dentures

Sometimes, patients lose all of their teeth to decay, trauma or gum (periodontal) disease. This requires a different appliance known as full dentures. At his San Antonio practice, Dr. Wendt uses a very unique method for fitting full dentures, called the Staub Cranial Method. This is the same method that Dr. Wendt uses when he does a full mouth reconstruction. In many ways, dentures are a full mouth reconstruction, as they re-establish the vertical dimension of the mouth, that is, the normal position of the jaw.

The Staub Cranial method has been around for years but has been only used in Europe for the most part. It is very specialized and exacting, but the results are time-tested. These dentures are not the ones that are made in one day, and Dr. Wendt doesn’t believe that you can get a well-fitting set of dentures made in one day. On the initial visit, Dr. Wendt or his staff will take a preliminary impression of the mouth to make a cast from which we make custom trays for your final denture. This cast will also serve for the measurement that allows us to calculate the proper vertical dimension, mentioned earlier. Dr. Wendt uses an old impression technique dating back more than 40 years. This method uses a specialized impression material that allows for a very exacting impression. This procedure is no longer taught in most dental schools but allows for the least displacement of tissues and allows for the most exact replication of your mouth. For you that often means little or no post-delivery discomfort, and almost no adjustments. It also allows Dr. Wendt to provide you with dentures in only three office visits.

During a second visit, the bite, vertical dimension, and Staub measurements are correct. It is also an opportunity for you to make sure you like your new smile. You can examine the shape, color, and alignment of the synthetic teeth. On the final visit you get your new bite and smile, often coming back to see us only once a year to check the fit of your dentures and your oral tissues. That’s right, generally, we never see patients back for sore spots!


Learn More about Dentures

If you have dentures now, or you want to replace missing teeth, give Robin a call to set up your initial consultation. If you want to proceed with receiving dentures at Dr. Wendt’s San Antonio, Texas practice, he can provide the treatment you need for a brand new smile.