Recently, television the air waves have been filled with commercials for denture adhesives to secure those loose fitting dentures and now those loose fitting partial dentures. So, what’s that all about. Well anyone with dentures know that even if they had a lot of suction when the dentist delivered them brand new to you, dentures over time loose that suction, “that tight feeling”. This is because dentures always move more than our teeth, no matter how good we make them, and because they move against our tissues, we loose boney support over time. The bone just melts away forming small and some time large gaps under the denture. This helps to break the seal (the suction) and produce a “looser” fit. Then more movement, more loss of boney support and so on. Those adhesives work for a time, but then again you have to put more and more in every day. The solution is to get a “reline” to your denture.

So what’s a reline. We take a new impression of the voids inside your existing denture, send it to the lab and later that day, after the lab has put new denture material inside, we deliver the “new” denture back to you. A new fit and the suction is restored. In our practice, we use a very old time tested technique and an impression material that is “mucostatic”, a big word for it doesn’t push the gum tissue under you denture around. It is the only “mucostatic” (there’s that word again) material left on the market that will give you the best fit!

Of course over time, dentures made of plastic just wear out. The oral cavity is a very complex environment and plastics don’t last a lifetime. So sometimes it is best to make a new denture, replace old worn down teeth, and give you a better fitting denture. It’s all about the fit and of course how well you eat!

So if your dentures don’t fit well or have been worn down over the last 10 years, call our office and let us examine why they don’t fit well and give you options to a better smile, and a better eating experience.