Your smile is one of the things that help you make a good first impression. It’s no surprise then that many people want that dazzling whiter smile. Some people want their teeth whitening done today, and at our San Antonio practice, we want to provide that experience before you leave the office. At Restorative Dentistry Associates, Dr. Stanley Wendt, Jr. offers several teeth whitening options. Instant whitening is the most costly type of bleaching experience Dr. Shaffer provides. Patients can also take custom trays and syringes of the bleaching solution home, a more inexpensive way to bleach your teeth. Or we can give you “one size fits all” trays filled with the bleaching material as an economical solution. We invite you to read more about these options below, and contact our San Antonio office to learn more.


Three Options for Teeth Whitening

Whitening or lightening the teeth has become very common. But what is “whiter”? Patients who visit our San Antonio practice can choose from three different ways to get a whiter smile. Each has its own distinct advantages.

Sapphire In-office Whitening

For people who want their teeth whitened today, chair-side bleaching is instant gratification. Many people have heard of Zoom!® Whitening, but recently the International Association of Dental Research has determined that the Zoom!® light contributes little to the bleaching process. Now meet Sapphire, a light we think is better. To make the bleaching gel work faster and better, Sapphire uses a little heat and you will feel the slight rise in temperature the Sapphire light emits. It’s slight, but effective and safe for your tissues. We use a special light-cured plastic covering over you gums so they are not harmed when we apply the bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth. The light is used close enough to let the heat and light work to speed the gel. It does take some time in one of our comfortable chairs, but in about 90 minutes you will have a brighter smile in a unique two-step procedure.

Dr. Shaffer has discovered that when we use two different concentrations of bleaching gel that work well together, it produces a better result than working with only one gel. That’s why we make trays for you while you are in the chair, to take home with a special bleaching gel. Using these trays for less than 10 minutes a day over the course of a week can stabilize and enhance the chair-side experience, giving you the brightest smile possible.

Custom Tray Bleaching

Custom tray bleaching is just as it says. We will take impressions of your mouth and make custom trays and send you home with a bleaching kit. Less than 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks can lighten and brighten your smile. Because this is done on your time and in your home, it is less expensive than office chair-side bleaching. You can achieve the same results, but it just takes more time and effort on your behalf.

Opalescence Treswhite® Supreme

Many of you have heard of bleaching strips, and some of you have tried them or know someone who has. For the most part they work if you can keep them in place. But have you heard of Opalescence Treswhite® Supreme, the simple economical way of replacing those pesky “whitening” strips? These are not custom trays but “one-size fits all” trays pre-filled with the bleaching gel. These teeth whitening trays are easy, effective, and economical. Contact our San Antonio practice to learn more about this affordable, easy way to lighten your teeth.


What Are Bleaching Gels?

You have learned about the three ways we can lighten your teeth, but you might ask: what is a bleaching gel and how does it work? The bleaching gel or “agent” simply does what OxiClean® does to your clothes. It provides free oxygen radicals that act on the surface of the tooth to clean out the small “pores and irregularities” in the enamel surface of your tooth. The result is that the surface stains from foods we eat, drinks we drink, and from habits like smoking, are dissolved out of the surface of the tooth and the tooth becomes lighter.

So, how does it do this? We use a special concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is safe for your health. It’s not like the bottle of hydrogen peroxide that you can buy at you local drug store or supermarket. It is a concentrated gel that works quickly and stays where you place it. It has an additional ingredient in the preparation proven to minimize or stop your teeth from becoming sensitive, as many of us have experienced in the past. It is because this gel is concentrated and stays where you need it, that it works.


Maintaining Your White Teeth

To keep your teeth white after you bleach them, what do you need to do? Looking at the color of the water you cooked in, the color of hot coffee and tea, the stain that red wine or even coca-cola makes when spilt on your clothes or carpet, or seeing the stains from the habit of smoking, you will understand that you will have to bleach again from time to time. We know most people don’t want to change their habits, but the more habits that you have the sooner you will need to freshen that bleaching so you can keep that white smile as white as you want it. After all it is your smile and you deserve the brightest smile!

The one thing bleaching can’t do is change the color of your teeth. Unlike peroxide that men and women have used for years to bleach their hair, bleaching doesn’t change the color of your teeth. For that, we need to place veneers of ceramic or composite material to change the color and whiten the teeth. We call it a permanent bleaching because porcelain doesn’t stain as quickly as teeth do and it is easily cleaned and polished at your next dental appointment. You won’t have to go through the hassle of repeatedly bleaching your teeth.


Learn More about Teeth Whitening

Brightening your teeth through bleaching is an easy way to get the smile that you want and deserve. To learn more about Dr. Shaffer’s methods for teeth whitening, contact Alon Dental Care today.