According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, first positive impressions all come down to the power of an attractive smile! It’s no surprise, then, that 50% of all dental treatments are sought to improve a smile. Unfortunately, today’s busy patients often need their teeth improved within a very limited time frame. At Alon Dental Care we can often provide the improvement you seek in one appointment.  Dr. Brian Shaffer offers several cosmetic dental treatments, including several teeth whitening options. “Instant whitening” is a quick and powerful in-office bleaching treatment available at Alon Dental. Patients can also take custom trays and syringes of bleaching solution home, with instructions for home treatment, as a less expensive option. We also offer veneer options for those who seek permanent bleaching for stubborn stains. We invite you to read more about these options below, or contact our San Antonio office to learn more.


Three Options for Teeth Whitening

Whitening or lightening the teeth has become very common. Alon Dental Care offers three different treatments options to whiten your smile. Each has its own distinct advantage.

Sapphire In-office Whitening

For people who want their teeth whitened today, chair-side bleaching is instant gratification. At Alon Dental, we use a powerful new light treatment called Sapphire, which, when combined with conventional bleaching gels, greatly accelerates and accentuates the bleaching process. Though Sapphire is safe and effective for oral tissues, patients will feel a slight rise in temperature as the Sapphire light emits some heat during the process. A special light-cured plastic covering is used to cover gum tissues during the process, to prevent minor irritation from the application of bleaching gels. In about 90 minutes the Sapphire bleaching technique will produce a significantly brighter smile.

It has been discovered that when two different concentrations of bleaching gels are combined, the result is a more complete bleach than when using one gel alone. That’s why bleaching treatments at Alon Dental often include custom made trays for followup treatments at home. Using these trays for less than 10 minutes a day, over the course of a week, can stabilize and enhance the chair-side experience, giving you the brightest smile possible.

Custom Tray Bleaching

Custom tray bleaching is just as it sounds. Impressions are taken and custom trays are made from those impressions and sent home with an additional bleaching kit for a “made to fit” home bleaching treatment.” Less than 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks can lighten and brighten your smile significantly. Because this is done on your time and in your home, it is less expensive than in-office chair-side bleaching. You can achieve the same results, but it does require more time and effort on your behalf.

Opalescence Treswhite® Supreme

Many of you have heard of bleaching strips, and some of you have tried them or know someone who has. For the most part they work if you can keep them in place. But have you heard of Opalescence Treswhite® Supreme, the simple economical way of replacing those pesky “whitening” strips? These are not custom trays but “one-size fits all” trays pre-filled with the bleaching gel. These teeth whitening trays are easy, effective, and economical. Contact our San Antonio practice to learn more about this affordable, easy way to lighten your teeth.


What Are Bleaching Gels?

You have learned about the three ways we can lighten your teeth, but you might ask: what is a bleaching gel and how does it work? The bleaching gel or “agent” simply does what OxiClean® does to your clothes. It provides free oxygen radicals that act on the surface of the tooth to clean out the small “pores and irregularities” in the enamel surface of your tooth. The result is that the surface stains from foods we eat, drinks we drink, and from habits like smoking, are dissolved out of the surface of the tooth and the tooth becomes lighter.

So, how is this accomplished? A special concentration of hydrogen peroxide, approved for gum and tooth application, is combined with solidifying agents to create a hydrogen peroxide gel that works quickly and stays where you place it. It has an additional ingredient added to minimize the development of tooth sensitivity, that many of us have experienced in the past. It is because this gel is concentrated and stays where you need it, that it works.


Maintaining Your White Teeth

How can keep your teeth white after you bleach them? If you look at the color of the water you cook in, the color of hot coffee and tea, the stain that red wine or even coca-cola makes when spilt on your clothes or carpet, or stains from the habit of smoking, you will understand that you will need to bleach again from time to time. We know most people don’t want to change their habits, but the more colorants you introduce to your teeth, the sooner you will need to freshen a bleaching treatment to keep your smile as white as you want it.

Although bleaching can whiten tooth surfaces, bleaching can’t change the natural color of your original tooth structure. For those seeking permanent bleaching, a more intensive treatment is available.  Veneers of ceramic or composite material can be applied to permanently whiten teeth. This application is called permanent bleaching because porcelain doesn’t stain as quickly as teeth and is easily cleaned and polished during a routine dental appointment. With veneers it is no longer necessary to go through the hassle of repeated, expensive bleaching treatments.


Learn More about Teeth Whitening

Bleaching your teeth is an easy way to get the kind of smile that makes a great first impression. To learn more about Dr. Shaffer’s methods for teeth whitening, contact Alon Dental Care today.