As a practiced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Shaffer has perfected the art of aesthetic bonding for over 20 years. Research in the mid-1980s led to a noninvasive technique of bonding tooth like material to an unattractive tooth to improve its appearance. This technique can be both cosmetic and restorative. Using simple bonding, Dr. Shaffer is able to recontour, straighten, or lighten unattractive, crooked, or misshaped teeth. At Alon Dental Care, patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, but are unable or unwilling to endure painful, expensive and invasive procedures to straighten, lengthen, replace, or reshape them, can often leave the office with a new smile after only one appointment. Learn more about cosmetic bonding below, and contact Dr. Shaffer’s office today to schedule a consultation.

What Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a process of adhering tooth like filling material to the hard outer layer of tooth enamel. It can be used if the tooth has been worn down or chipped due to decay, trauma, or other oral health problems. It can also be used to straighten or lengthen healthy teeth that are simply crooked or unsightly. The procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and generally requires no anesthesia. Dr. Shaffer first applies a mild etching material to the tooth to create a surface that will adhere firmly to the bonding material. Next, a white enamel like filling material is applied to the tooth. It is then shaped and cured or hardened for ten seconds with a bonding light. This revolutionary technique enables cosmetic dentists to replace or enhance the outside surface of a tooth without extensive, expensive, and invasive orthodontic or surgical procedures. In just one appointment, Dr. Shaffer can change the shape and color of your teeth to create a more beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Dr. Shaffer is a firm believer in minimally invasive dentistry that is cosmetically beautiful and easy on the wallet. His goal is to create the most beautiful and longest lasting bonded restoration that science can provide.

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