Cosmetic Dentistry means different things to different patients. We all see the tooth whitening commercials and the gorgeous smiles of the movie stars and want whiter teeth and Hollywood smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is just that, giving a person a better smile than they had before while preserving as much tooth integrity as possible.  It is a matter of what the patient wants, and what we can realistically achieve with today’s dentistry. Dr. Brian Shaffer strives to provide the most comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments out of his San Antonio, Texas practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Teeth Whitening

For patients who do not have permanent staining, simple bleaching of the teeth will often whiten teeth to their satisfaction. At his San Antonio office, Dr. Shaffer offers several different whitening procedures to help get a smile back in order. We offer the latest in whitening gels that a patient can use for as little as three minutes per day. With today’s treatments, tooth sensitivity is no longer an issue during whitening because they contain anti-sensitivity agents. For patients who experience sensitivity after the bleaching process, Dr. Wendt offers Relief™, a gel designed to stop sensitivity in its tracks.

While whitening can produce a bright smile, it cannot stop the wearing away of the teeth by habits such as grinding the teeth at night. Dr. Shaffer often suggests night guards to patients who receive cosmetic dentistry treatment at his San Antonio practice, in order to protect the teeth from losing their shape.  I


It is important to understand that the “perfect” smile is often not reached through a single cosmetic procedure, but a combination of procedures. Dr. Shaffer therefore creates a custom treatment plan to handle each patient’s situation- taking both need and cost into account. For instance, to cover up those purple striations caused by tetracycline staining during tooth development, or those brown stains from too much fluoride in the well water, patients may want to bleach their teeth. Often this will lighten the stains but not enough to get that great smile. But if after bleaching, prep veneers called Lumineers are bonded to the tooth surface, using a special block-out cement, the very light staining left behind by the bleaching process is covered completely and a better smile is achieved. Dr. Shaffer’s receptionist Robin has experienced this treatment techniqueveneers, and she is very pleased with the results.

Fastbraces™ Orthodontic Treatments

Many doctors will put on veneers to straighten teeth. While this does indeed provide an aligned appearance, the thickness of the edges of the teeth may be very uneven, and this can produce an uneven smile. In this case, patients can consider simple orthodontic treatments, like Fastbraces™, before placing veneers. This simple orthodontic procedure is a faster and less expensive process to straighten the teeth. Often, the progress is so quick that others will not know you’ve straightened your teeth until you are through.

Fast Braces can also be used to move the teeth into positions where they can be properly treated. Dr. Shaffer will straighten the teeth, giving him room to place a crown or other restorative dental treatment on the badly worn teeth to give the patient the smile they want and deserve, regardless of age. In today’s society, the Baby Boomers (and Dr. Shaffer is one) have worked hard all of their lives and want the best smile they can get. Sometimes they may want to have their teeth straightened and whitened, something they could not do in earlier years when their lives were filled with the expenses of children and life. However, Dr. Shaffer believes it is never too late to get the smile you always wanted.

Learn More about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry treatments at Dr. Shaffer’s San Antonio practice can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted and deserved. Speak with Robin at our office to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation, and find out how Dr. Shaffer can improve your smile.