Dr. Shaffer is a veteran dentist with extensive experience. He completed both his undergraduate and doctoral studies at Oral Roberts University and then opened a practice in Washington State where he faithfully served the dental needs of his friends and neighbors for thirty years. He was dearly loved by his patients. Dr. Shaffer has a passion for gently delivering excellent dentistry! He and the staff at Alon Dental would like to invite you to come in and get acquainted or contact them to schedule a consultation today.

Get to Know Dr. Brian Shaffer

Let me tell you a bit of my history. I was raised in Washington State where I spent my days fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and generally enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After deciding to become a dentist, I spent eight years away from my beloved outdoors while earning my undergrad and graduate degrees but returned immediately to set up practice in my home state. Shortly after beginning practice, I met my wife Karen, and together we raised our family of three sons, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and you guessed it, enjoying the great Pacific Northwest. Our family is grown now, and this year our eldest son is finishing medical school, our middle is a dentist for the U.S. Army, and our youngest is a Texas Lawyer. During the past several years, we have come to recognize that in spite of our great love for the outdoor beauty of the Pacific Northwest, there are some things we value even more. We deeply appreciate the solid conservative family values that the great state of Texas continues to afford, and we are thankful for a home state where our sons can continue the tradition of raising strong men and women to walk with God in freedom. Each of our boys hope to establish practices and raise their families in Texas, and Karen and I hope to do all we can to help Texans keep Texas Texas!

My Dental Philosophy

During my 30 years as a dentist I’ve observed that a comfortable patient is a happy patient and a rough dentist is a lonely one. My goal is to gently deliver excellent dentistry and I have the best possible team to accomplish that. Our Staff has been serving the dental needs of this practice for over 25 years. They are knowledgable, skilled, and compassionate. Together, our highest priority is your comfort as we work to provide minimally invasive dentistry that is cosmetically beautiful and easy on the wallet.

Contact Dr. Brian Shaffer

At Alon Dental Care, we believe that excellent, professional, and state-of-the-art dentistry can be personal, private, and comfortable. That’s our goal. We encourage you to come in and get acquainted or contact us to schedule a consultation today.