What sets our dental practice apart from others is an attitude of doing the simple, time-tested solutions in general and cosmetic dentistry to help you improve your dental health.

San Antonio General Dentist

I am Dr. Stanley Wendt, Jr., and my staff and I want to personally thank you for visiting our website today, and welcome you to our dental practice here in San Antonio, Texas. We are a family friendly practice and we love to see young ones, teens, and adults. We cater to our families from the first time you step into our office, and we want you to come and visit our warm and inviting office.

We know that coming to a dentist is a major decision and sometimes a hard one, and we promise you that we want to treat you with loving care, build your trust at the first visit, and keep that trust over time.  My staff have been with the practice for more than a decade to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality patient service every step of the way.

We have been fortunate to serve many of the families as a general dentist in San Antonio, and the surrounding area and we would be honored to serve yours.

We are a Christ centered dental practice in San Antonio whose mission is to restore the structure, function and beauty of your smile…remembering always that a smile has two parts: one outside and one inside. We approach general dentistry by listening to what you want and what you need.

We desire to understand the individual needs of each patient and to build a lasting relationship of trust as we serve to meet your dental needs. Please let us know how we can serve you and meet your needs with one of the best dentists in San Antonio, Texas. 

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What sets our dental practice is an attitude of doing the simple, time-tested things in dentistry to help you improve your dental health. In my comings and goings as a dentist over the last 35 years, I have amassed knowledge and expertise from private practice, serving in the United States Air Force Dental Corps and the United States Army Reserve Dental Corps, in graduate education, in teaching dentistry and in conducting research and clinical trials for major dental manufacturers. As an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Dental school here in the Health Science Center in San Antonio, I am researching many of the products and concepts popular today in the field of dentistry.

We are dedicated to continuing education and regularly attend education meetings and research conferences conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, the International Association of Dental Research, and the American Association of Sleep Medicine and the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine. This allows us to see and hear about the latest concepts in dentistry and the science behind them, which may or may not confirm if these procedures can and should be used in our practice. It is our hope that all of these experiences will help us treat you better and allow you to achieve your goal of dental health and wellness.

At Restorative Dentistry Associates, we don’t jump on every bandwagon of the “new” thing in general or cosmetic dentistry; rather we use only those procedures and materials that are time-tested in valid clinical trials. We keep treatment simple, and have the confidence to say that our patients are reaching the best care that the profession has to offer.  That’s why we have a motto in this dental practice of “Keeping it simple in San Antonio.” Contact us today, and speak with Robin to schedule an appointment with me.

Dental Patient Testimonials

Cosmetic Dental Patient

Pat King

I have been helped by this support team for about 15 - 20 years.  What does that tell you?  Bad teeth?  No, not even!  Thanks to them, Dr. Walsh, and now Dr. Wendt, I feel I will be good for another 20 years.  One time, because of insurance, I ventured away.  Was that ever a mistake.  I came back quickly.  Actually, I hurried back very quickly.  And stayed.  I've  been around a long time and I have yet to see a team of professionals as people oriented as this team.  Thank you Stan, Robin, Lyndell, and Judy.

General Dentist Patient

Khanh Vu

Our family has been seeing Dr. Wendt for our dental health needs for over ten years.  The office offers complete general & restorative dentistry services in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere.  Dr. Wendt is very knowledgeable of the tried & true methods, but he is also very up-to-date with current dental developments.  He is thorough, caring & honest.  His support team is also super caring, friendly & efficient.  We plan to stay with Dr. Wendt's team for years to come.